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I offer a wide range of services depending on your needs.

Do you have an idea you want to bring to reality? perhaps a personal piece of artwork for a loved one? or some illustrations for a blog or marketing project? I am available for international work. I have experience working with authors, companies and for individuals who just fancy a nice piece of art. 

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Private Artwork

A one-of-a-kind personalised artwork designed and created just for you. This artwork could capture a special sentiment or memory for you or a loved one, Can be completed digitally or with traditional painting mediums.

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Book Illustration

Written a book that you want to bring to life? We can collaborate closely together to bring your imagination to life, ensuring that the essence of your text is being captured with beautifully illustrated and detailed artworks. Whether it's creating a magical world for your fictional story, or contextualising non-fiction, complex ideas with fun and educational artwork.

watermarked spirit of the forest by olivia chevallier white stag beautiful girl wood nymph

Concept Art 

Brining your ideas to life. Taking the time to think big and create detailed concept art can help ensure that your final result is well-thought out and encapsulates your audience. Concept art can entail so many things. Whether it's storyboarding key scenes before moving into CGI and set design, or designing detailed artwork to be used for a new game you're developing. 


Product Story Boarding

It's important that your target users are able to clearly understand and operate your product. Illustrations are a fun and simple means of contextualising and guiding them. They'll have no confusion when unboxing and won't miss out on any features available to them. Storyboards also make a huge difference when on-boarding new users on an app or web-platform.

Oxford Product Design Illustration Commission The Design Process as a journey.jpg

Company Story Artwork

Does your company have a great story worth telling? Or an inspiring vision? Art has a beautiful ability to capture that which cannot be described with words alone. Creating illustrations for your website, marketing or office space that tell your story will strengthen your brand and help your customers better understand what makes you tick.


Character Design 

Thorough and thoughtful character design can really make or break a video game, movie or NFT project. I can help you design and sculpt your characters so they capture the hearts of your target audience.  


Environment Design

The right environment can make or break a project. Together, we can design the right environments for your project, ensuring they inspire the desired emotions in the viewer and contextualise your ideas.   

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I'm open to working on international commissions. I would love to work with you and help you bring your ideas to life. Fill out the form below to tell me a little about yourself and your project and I will get back to you shortly so we can discuss your project further. 

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