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Greenpeace #DrawTheOcean Challenge 


This piece was completed as part of the draw the oceans challenge by Greenpeace. The illustration was posted on social media and used as a fundraising aid for the fight against the climate crisis.

Draw_the_iceans_greenpeach_challenge_by_olivia_chevallier.jpg (1).jpeg

After watching the documentary series, 'Our Planet' made by Silverback films and narrated by David Attenborough, I felt truly inspired by the beautiful shots the camera crew took of the mother blue whale and her baby.

There is nothing quite like the awe-inspiring call of the sea. It is the birthplace of all life on earth and the heart of our ecosystem. I am always amazed when I'm in the ocean and I can lay my eyes on the vast beauty and expanses that lay beneath. Everything hangs in perfect harmony, a gentle balance. I feel truly at peace floating amongst the rushing colours of beautiful fish, crustaceans, mammals and all the seemingly infinite creatures that live there. It really is like being in space, floating amongst peaceful alien life.

Sadly, the beautiful heart of our planet is dying and the glowing light of life that all life on earth relies on for survival, is quickly tipping into ecological catastrophe. Without the oceans, no life on earth can survive, for even the simplest upset to the rhythm of nature will have unforeseeable consequences down the line.

But, if we stand together and be the voice for the planet and for those who cannot speak, I believe that we can save our beautiful oceans and our brothers and sisters who live within. Only with collective action can we drive true change in this world and create a better, more selfless and compassionate future. Not only for other humans, but for all life on earth. You can be the change you want to see in the world in so many ways, big and small. You can donate to a cause where people will use your money to drive policy change and put pressure on companies to change their processes, you can make changes in your lifestyle and choose to support brands and eat food that's art sustainable and kind to the earth, or eat a diet that is plant based and organic. Most of all, you can inspire hope in those around you.

Watch how I created this piece below:

Olivia Chevallier © Copyright

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