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Art Director - Euphorians NFT Project 

In this ever-changing world of digital art, NFT (non-fungible token) art is becoming one of the hottest topics in the crypto world and this project in particular is expected to have quite the impact.


Euphorians is a revolutionary NFT project based in a psychedelic world. In this psychedelic world, NFT characters that are purchased by members of the community will have opportunities to grow and develop as the project progresses. The project offers it's community a long-term and engaging experience. This project is currently still in progress and is releasing it's first teaser launch this week (16th November 2021). 


I have had the pleasure of working closely with the founders, Aran and Hakar. In my position as Lead Artist and Art Director. I was tasked to let my imagination run wild when designing the various unique characters. The design work of this project has involved creating a highly psychedelic and exciting variety of characteristics and environments. These elements will make up the 5978 characters being released in the coming weeks. I have been in-charge of steering the direction of the art and systematically managing the delivery of outputs by the art team (comprised of myself and one other artist, Ashlen K)

Euphorians - Teaser Trailer

dude 1.jpg
Metamushroom 2.png

The first drop of 5978 NFTs will include a variety of female and male characters featuring some 'unevolved' traits and 4 facial expressions- extremely happy, chilled high, surprised and silly. The initial drop will include a range of characters who are made up of a combination of traits, such as hair, clothes, hats, accessories and skins. Each of the characters will evolve in 3 stages as the user feeds thier Euphorian avatar 'MetaMushroom' tokens. This will result in the various traits such as the skin and clothes to become more extreme and psychedelic (as can be seen from the example characters below).

unevolved mowhawk.jpg
evolved mowhawk.jpg
Character unevolved 1.jpg
Evolved 1.jpg
Unevolved 2.jpg
Evolved 2.jpg

The 7 Euphorian Clans

The Euphorians are comprised of 7 clans, each following thier own spiritual path towards thier higher selves. Each clan has their own defining traits and approach to a higher state of being. It's up to each member of the community to decide which clan they join and what path they would like to walk towards awakening. But, despite these 7 clans all having a unique approach, they still live in harmony and respect in a collective community. 


Fungus Phantoms

Rigid, lost souls who use Metahsrooms to reconnect with their roots to ignite the wonder of their inner child.

Molten Spirits

Timid introverts learning to shed their fear of judgment and let their inner beauty shine through.


Hippie Flippers

Earthlings who learn to not let the weight of the daily grind keep them from chasing their wildest dreams.

Meta Mystics

Euphorians who pry off the claws of ego so their souls can shine through.


Bohemian Boas

Insecure wanderers whose life choices are driven by fear. That fear becomes the source of their inner strength.

The Unbroken

Euphorians learning to transcend emotional and physical scars to discover the strongest versions of themselves.


Radical Rebels

Bold trailblazers who trade in the heavy standards of external beauty and embrace imperfection in the pursuit of self-expression.

This project has a fast turn around of only 4-6 weeks which has made working collaboratively with the client and team essential. This has also meant that the client has given me more responsibility over steering the design direction and making quick decisions when creating the art. After brainstorming all of our ideas for some cool and exciting traits that we could create for our characters, we let out imaginations run wild as we put pen to ipad and got sketching. 

Olivia character (1).PNG

As well as designing a range of psychedelic and vibrant traits, I have also had the pleasure of creating a collection of mind-bending environments which contextualise and compliment the characters. 

The artwork that is being released in this week's teaser is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more beautiful characters that the project has instore. Watch this space to find out more and see how it all develops!

Click here to checkout the Euphorians website, twitter page and discord.  

Watch The video below to find out more about NFTs:

Olivia Chevallier © Copyright
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