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Grateful Giraffes NFT 

Grateful Giraffes are a global community of investors, founders, creatives, scientists, artists, musicians, and health and wellness facilitators, united by gratitude, self-actualization, and a shared vision for a happier, healthier world. The aim of the community is to come together to foster heart-centered leadership, spiritual growth, and a sustainable, wellness-focused lifestyle, all while supporting one another on our individual journeys. The core values of the company are gratitude, open-mindedness, humility, empathy, collaboration, active listening, generosity, kindness, emotional intelligence, active participation, volunteering, and authenticity. These values guide their actions and interactions. The company are on a mission to build the world’s largest and most impactful community-owned health and wellness brand.

After winning a art competition and being chosen for my application entry, the Founders of Grateful Labs & Grateful Giraffes invited me to join their team as the art director and creator of their Grateful Giraffes NFT project, as well as the creator of illustrations for the website and social media. My role as Lead Artist and Art Director for this highly successful project was to collaborate closely with the team to capture their vision for the giraffe base character, then help them come up with a huge list of traits and features that would entice potential members of the community and capture their vision for the brand. 7,777 NFT artworks were created from the 350+ traits I designed illustrated in collaboration with the rest of the GG team. The NFT artworks are tokens that give members access to the exclusive community of conscious global leaders who have gratitude and wellness at the centre of how they do business, manage teams and live their lives. 

Since the project's launch back in 2022, the community has been highly successful and steadily growing. Below are some insights into the process and outcomes of my work with Grateful Giraffes. 

notes of things to mention: 

- designing the base giraffe and it's evolution giraffes 

- special giraffes and cool traits

- some traits - cool backgrounds and hidden mushroom easter egg - interactive design 

extra work done illustrations for website and the process of that ( maybe a separate post)

- logo design 


Olivia Chevallier © Copyright
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